Professional Cleaning Services for your Business, Carpet, End of Tenancy / Move Out and Post construction needs.

Between tackling everything life throws your way and figuring out when it’s the right time to opt for a cleaning company that you can rely on, it’s easy to understand why parts of your business or home get neglected. That’s why it’s our mission at CLEAN to provide high-quality, experienced, and professional cleaning services.

Whether you need a new cleaning team that will catch every coffee stain on meeting tables or want a group of professionals that understands their specialty inside and out, our team is your answer. We have simplified all our cleaning processes into a repeatable science for marvelous results—no matter what type of room we’re cleaning. Learn more about our professional cleaning services below, or contact us today for a quote! 



Make your place of business look its best!

We know how important it is to make great impressions with existing and potential customers and guests as they visit your facility. Our highly experienced cleaning crews are dedicated to give our clients the very best cleaning solutions through our impressive cleaning services.

  • ​Small & large cleaning jobs.

  • Experienced, uniformed and courteous office cleaners.

  • Licensed, bonded and insured.

Our commitment is cleaning service excellence.
We'd love to work with you and we think ​you'll love us too!


Our professional commercial and residential carpet cleaning program will keep your carpets looking like new long past the average life of a carpet that is not regularly maintained.

Our extraction method – commonly called steam cleaning – is recognized by carpet manufacturers as the most effective method, it pulls up dirt, dust, oil and stains that daily vacuuming or interim cleaning won’t remove.

Depending on the traffic, carpet cleaning should be done one to four times a year.​

Carpet cleaner


Whether you are a property manager, tenant, real estate agent or a homeowner that is selling their home, we can help you! 

Our team has extensive industry experience, so we’re able to handle any mess.

We will leave your place looking, smelling and feeling great!




Did the contractor leave a mess?

When you’re done with construction, turn to professionals to help you complete the project.

Our professional cleaners literally clean from top to bottom: starting at the top floor, cleaning any debris, vacuuming the carpet, and making sure everything is clean and polished for the tenants moving.

You can rest assured that when we leave, the dust leaves with us!


Our main focus is making sure the job is done perfect.

We have the tools and the necessary equipment to complete any job up to 2 stories high.


This service is exclusively for our commercial clients.



We are a company that is committed to cleaning service excellence and believes in hiring diversity and local.

Our experienced teams are the best at taking note of your exact needs and providing the highest standard of service.

We’d Love To Work With You, And Think You’ll Love Us, Too



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